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  Like book 1, the author recommends this book to students for self-study, with an emphasis on important concepts rather than memorizing reactions and conditions. It might seem tricky to associate the chapters in this book with the ones your professor is covering, but comparing the text-contents/syllabus (perhaps the index) for your instructor’s course and it should be straightforward. Note however, that the sections on carbohydrates, nucleic acids, peptides and proteins will probably be covered much earlier in the syllabus than the instructors format. Answers to all the problems are elsewhere on this website. The author also suggests that professors wishing to flip their class might use this book as a primary text. In that case, students would bring the text to each class, note answers as the instructor and students work select problems interactively, then the assignment is to complete all the problems for that chapter. I have used this format many times, and successfully, with a class of around 90 students. Each chapter is intended to be covered in a 75 min lecture. The sections on carbohydrates, nucleic acids, peptides and proteins are dealt with much earlier than is conventional so that the material should appeal to students who are majoring in biology-related areas as well as chemistry majors.

An illustrative syllabus for the flipped format used by the author can be downloaded here featuring McMurry as the main text.