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Sophomore Organic Chemistry 1

Sophomore Organic Chemistry 2

Advanced Organic Reactions

Bioorganic Model Kit

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A Acyclic Conformations
B Cyclic Conformations
C Nucleophilic Substitutions
D Simple Hydrolysis Reactions
E Elimination Reactions
F Electrophilic Additions To Alkenes
G Oxidation of Alcohols
H Reduction of Carbonyl Groups
I Nucleophilic Additions to Alkenes and Alkynes
J Rearrangement Reactions
K Orbital Controlled Reactions
L Alkylation of Enolates
M Reactions of Enolates with Carbonyl Compounds
N Organoboron Reagents
O Alkene and Alkyne Syntheses
P Organosulfur Reagents
Q Nucleophilic Metal Reagents