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Sophomore Organic Chemistry 1

Sophomore Organic Chemistry 2

Advanced Organic Reactions

Bioorganic Model Kit

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1 Hybridization: The Shape Of Things To Come

2 Saturated Acyclic Hydrocarbons

3 Fragments And Functional Groups

4 Conformations Of Cyclic Hydrocarbons

5 Curly Arrows And Electron Flow

6 Acids And Bases

7 Resonance: Practicing Curly Arrows

8 Stereochemistry

9 SN1 Displacement At sp3 Centers

10 SN2 Displacement At sp3 Centers

11 Elimination Reactions To Form Alkeness

12 Reactions Of Alkenes Via Protonation

13 Oxidation States, Hydrogenation, And Hydrogenolysis

14 Halogenation Of Alkenes

15 Epoxidation Of Alkenes, And Epoxides

16 Cycloadditions To Alkenes And Alkynes

17 Benzene And Aromaticity

18 Electrophilic Attack On Benzene

19 Ultraviolet And Fluorescence Spectroscopy

20 Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy

21 13C NMR Spectroscopy

22 1H NMR Spectroscopy

23 Mass Spectrometry (MS)