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Sophomore Organic Chemistry 1

Sophomore Organic Chemistry 2

Advanced Organic Reactions

Bioorganic Model Kit

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1 Nucleophilic Addition Of Hard Anions To Aldehydes And Ketones

2 Addition Of Grignard Reagents To Aldehydes And Ketones

3 Addition Of Water And Alcohols To Aldehydes And Ketones

4 Formation Of Cyanohydrins, Imines, Enamines

5 Stereochemistry Illustrated By Carbohydrates

6 Heterocycles In Biological Chemistry

7 Nucleosides And Nucleotides

8 DNA Synthesis And Sequencing

9 Ester Hydrolysis And Transesterification

10 Hydrolysis And Dehydration Of Amides

11 Reactivities Of Acylating Agents

12 Acylations Via Acid Chlorides And Anhydrides

13 Activation Of Carboxylic Acids

14 Introducing, The Amino Acids!

15 Peptide Syntheses

16 Peptides And Proteins

17 Hydridic Reductions

18 Reductions Via Electrons And Radicals

19 Oxidation States

19 Oxidation Reagents

20 Characteristics Of Enols And Enolates

21 Halogenation Of Enolizable Aldehydes And Ketones

22 Reactions Of Enolizable Compounds With C-Electrophiles

23 Reactions Of Ester Enolates With Carbonyl Compounds

24 Aldol and Aldol Condensation Reactions

25 Conjugate Additions